Workspace Helper

Allow for Global Modifications of Workspaces 

Workspace Helper allows for the global modification of workspaces based upon either xml or web-based templates. Tabs, search and document folders can be added, updated or deleted. Updating pre-existing objects may include reapplying security and/or profile data. The option exists to reapply profile data from the folder to all contained documents.

Workspace Helper is not a workspace engine. It is assumed that this application will be used in conjunction with the Interwoven Workspace Generator.

In addition, Workspace Helper allows for the mapping between pre-existing folders. For instance, if a decision is made by a firm that a particular folder is redundant it can decide to delete this folder and move the contents of this folder to another folder. The contents will be refilled and, assuming that all contents were successfully migrated, the original folder will be deleted.

Lastly, Workspace Helper can run in silent mode with a configuration file as a command-line parameter. This is one of the most powerful features of Workspace Helper. Workspace Helper reads a data file and, for each row, searches for a workspace and applies profile data (name, description, owner and all custom fields are available) and template structure to that workspace. This is an ideal solution to a situation where there are frequent accounting modifications to client-matter entities.

Scheduled jobs can be created which automatically monitor for updates to client matter data in accounting databases. This data is extracted, written to the appropriate file and Workspace Helper applies the new template structure the workspace associated with this client-matter. No human intervention is required.

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