Records Management

Stay compliant with the leading electronic and physical records management software

Provide your administrators with a central interface to set governance policies. Administrators can create trigger events, retention periods, disposition rules while monitoring compliance on both records and non-records. These features allow firm employees to stay focused on critical matters without added encumbrance.

When utilizing iManage Records Manager users will benefit from the following features: 

  • Manage and control all records from a single policy
  • Seamless integration with iManage Work
  • Flexible retention policies
  • Increased productivity
  • Fully configurable warehouse management capabilities
  • Automate your disposition processing workflow
  • Reduced need for large archival space

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Document & Email Management

Increase productivity across your organization with improved management of documents and emails.

Records Management

Stay compliant with industry-leading electronic and physical records management software.


Secure and govern sensitive data throughout the lifecycle of content and communications.

Risk Management

Detect and neutralize threats and data leaks with adaptive behavioral modeling and machine learning.

Cloud Migration

Get Cloud-certified guidance for migrating to iManage Cloud.

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