On-Premise Services

On-Premise iManage Implementation and Support

Today, over 1 million professionals depend on iManage to work productively. Younts Consulting provides the necessary services to implement an effective DMS solution for legal, government and corporate clients. Our expertise within these industries allows us to custom-fit the iManage software for each of our client’s specific needs.


Designing and engineering your document management implementation is critical. Implementing iManage without a well-architected plan is like building a house without a blueprint. With Younts as your trusted iManage partner we will work together to analyze your business practices, audit your existing computer systems and ensure that the solution we provide is well-architected around the following areas:

  • Server capacity and performance
  • End-user Desktop experience
  • iManage configuration
  • Digital content
  • Searching capabilities and features
  • Business process and workflow
  • Retention policies
  • Training and deployment
  • Ongoing support

Project Scope

Our firm understanding of IT infrastructure and expert knowledge of the iManage software suite helps lower costs for implementation and support. Younts Consulting takes great pride in our due diligence effort to include every necessary detail for the scope of a project. Our consultants and certified iManage engineers can bridge gaps that exist between the needs of our clients and the core iManage offering. We understand the need for an accurate proposal when budgeting for a digital transformation that will impact the entire organization for years to come.

Training and Support

Younts Consulting follows a training model that delivers clarity and confidence to new and existing users of the DMS platform. Our goal with every training exercise is to ensure that each team member feels comfortable utilizing the new tools and features that help increase productivity. Our Solution support representatives are available for ongoing general support and technical consultations concerning add-ons and desired functionality. Our team is prepared to assist you with routine system maintenance and IT staff augmentation.

Custom Development

Younts Consulting has the experience you need to extend iManage for the demands of your law firm, corporation, or government agency.

  • Support for iManage COM and REST API
  • Custom-build solutions to meet business requirements
  • Update existing 3rd party applications to support iManage’s REST API.
  • Modify or Rebuild Outdated Applications
  • Provide integration support to 3rd Party developers
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