Transform Your Productivity

Every professional services sector has unique document and email management demands. We listen to the work management concerns and provide an implementation strategy for iManage to exceed your expectations. For the past 24+ years, we have digitally transformed legal, corporate legal, corporate, and government industries.

Digital workspace for Corporations on the rise

Enterprise-level businesses are dealing with content overload. Effectively managing files and communications while remaining productive is a challenge that can only be solved by embracing the digital transformation. iManage creates a single source of information accessible across the organization though powerful search and share capabilities. iManage also reduces physical paper-trail while securing content in accordance with policy.

Digital Transformation for the People by the People

Improved efficiencies in process and data quality streamline processes within government agencies and help improve communication with citizens. Implementing iManage enables government entities to work smarter and safer. Faster access to key information helps authorities and governing employees perform their roles with greater precision and accountability.

Below is an overview of the iManage products we support and implement:

iManage Work 10

Provides secure document and email management


iManage Records Manager

Allows management of physical and electronic assets for retention and governance


iManage Security Policy Manager

Allows global management of security policies at scale

iManage Threat Manager

Provides 24/7 continuous protection of sensitive data from internal and external threats

iManage Share

Provides file secure file sharing and collaboration


iManage RAVN Insight

Provides advanced enterprise search and expertise identification


iManage RAVN Extract

Automatically reads, interprets, and extracts key information from documents

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