i-Integrate for WorkSite

Integrate Internet File Uploading from iManage WorkSite

i-Integrate allows for the integration of internet file uploading from iManage WorkSite. Previously, file uploading or ‘e-filing’ was done from the individual workstation (“C drive”) or from network file shares. Because this is done in an ad hoc manner, there is no audit trail or history record to ensure that the e-filing actually occurred. When the document existed in WorkSite, the end-user needed to export the document to some location and then navigate to that location when doing the upload; a cumbersome and non audited process.

With i-Integrate this upload process is done directly from the DMS. This reduces the labor involved with e-filing and ensures that a record is created in the DMS that indicates the document has been uploaded.

The necessary data for each integrated website is maintained in an “ini” file that is managed by an administration module. The .ini file can be administrated on each workstation or be globally stored on a central file share. A light client side executable also needs to be loaded on each workstation and the path to the executable needs to be placed in the startup directory. The i-Integrate application will intercept the file browse function of the chosen websites listed in the “ini” file and present the user with WorkSite search dialog. End-users then choose files to upload directly from returned search results. An entry is made in the document history listing the upload location.

i-Integrate technology also allows for the capture of file open/file save dialogs from most 32-bit client applications.

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