Desktop Importer for WorkSite

Mass Import Documents into iManage from Directory Structures

This popular utility can be used by administrators or end users to mass import documents into iManage WorkSite from a directory structure. Once a directory is selected, the entire directory and sub-directories are brought into a “spreadsheet” view. Each column in the “spreadsheet” represents a WorkSite field. Fields can be filled out by column, sub-directory or individually. Look-ups link back to the WorkSite database for verification of field values.

Once the fields are filled out, the program imports all documents into WorkSite, automatically creating the profiles. In addition, the existing directory structure can be automatically created as folders inside of WorkSite.

Once imported, the files are deleted, moved, or the extension is changed depending on the customizable settings.

Easy To Use Graphical Interface

Browse to a directory structure of files you wish to import. Once the starting directory is selected, the spreadsheet is loaded. Walk through each of the fields and fill out the appropriate values. The program is fully tied to the WorkSite database. You can fill out fields freeform or use the look-up feature to validate field values. The original path and document name can be inserted into the comment field for easy searching. Once complete, click the import icon and all of the files will be imported into WorkSite.

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