AutoDelete for WorkSite

Automatically Delete Documents from Your WorkSite Database

This utility deletes documents automatically from a WorkSite database. The command line utility places all profile information in a log prior to the purging of documents. Document deletion is fully configurable based on any custom field criteria, i.e. delete all documents which have a Document Class of DELETE.

AutoDelete also supports a configurable grace period. This requires documents to remain for a specific number of days before being automatically deleted. This ensures that the files are backed up prior to removal.

The new release of AutoDelete (v4.10) has add-ins and patches, which include:

  • Added trust SQL login support
  • Patched issue with User Checks
  • Patched issue with error messages
  • Added Author as option for Legal Hold
  • Updated AddMark to support 9.x clients properly
  • Updated log messages
  • Added debug mode
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